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Ascend Audio is a Gothenburg-based post production studio formed by Hannes Schönberg. Delivering bespoke music composition, sound design, foley – and everything in between. Be it for advertising, film, branding, gaming & immersive content.

I'm a creative audio nerd with a passion for sound. 
My job is to identify what kind of audio your project needs to enhance the experience. 
Whether it's a rich soundscape of ambience, the sound of breaking glass,
or a beautiful violin melody on top of a cinematic score
The end goal is to pull the viewer into the world of moving images together with sound.

Teamwork is key. I have a broad network of experienced people when a project calls for it.
composers, producers, cinema mixing engineers and talanted musicians.

Scoring    Production    Foley   • Sound Design
Field recording   Supervising    Voice over   • Mixing

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