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The story about seven people from different backgrounds and life stories – all connected to the city of Gothenburg. On a journey, from difficulty and doubt, to dignity and pride


Music: Ascend Audio, Klara Goliger
Foley & Sound Design: Ascend Audio

Writer & Director: Fabian Engström
DoP: Fabian Engström
Creatives: Jesper Ståhl, Sebastian Rengfelt
Producer: Anton Adielsson
Tilde Mossberg - Song
David Malm - Guitar
Linnéa Ljungblad - Music producer
Alma Möller - Viola
Amelie Evmark - Violin
Maria Doumeni Cronholm - Cello
Robin Backgård - Trumpet


Ascend Audio is an Gothenburg-based

creative sound studio.

     Arosgatan 1 
416 56 Göteborg


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