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Limitations are really only perceptions

For the last couple of months i worked on the original score, audio supervision and sound design for the feature film 'Project Iceman' by Anders Hofman and Yes Theory.
It's currently showing in selected cinemas around the world.

Limitations are really only perceptions, imposed by ourselves, relatives, or society at large, of what we can achieve. That's a fact. We should set no limits for ourselves and what we can achieve, just because others do. - Anders hofman


Original score: Ascend Audio
Sound design: Ascend Audio
Audio supervisor: Ascend Audio
Director: Ammar Kandil
Director on Antarctica: Cory Martin Director of Photography: Jan Laumark Cinematographers: Nicklas Nagel, Herman Berger, Cory Martin & Jan Laumark
Trailer Editors: Cory Martin & Jan Laumark
Post Production: Burning Boat
Lead editor: Victor Palm
Executive Producer: Yes Theory & Anders Hofman
Dolby mix: Audionation DK
Iceman: Anders Hofman


Ascend Audio is a Gothenburg-based post production studio,  with focus on delivering bespoke music composition & sound design

     Arosgatan 1. 416 56 Göteborg

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